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It is no secret that it is tough to be an employer in California. The cards are stacked against you and the best thing you can do to prepare for the worst is implement practices and procedures that ensure compliance with the employment laws in California. Our lawyers can assist you and your management team in upholding California’s stringent wage and hour laws and train your team to understand the many rules regarding discrimination, harassment, retaliation and wrongful termination through proper training in the use of appropriate management techniques.

Because the reality is: for most business owners, one of the biggest potential liabilities is your employees. Yes, you read that correctly – your employees, the people you rely on to help you get the job done, to deliver excellent customer service, and to make sure that you are profitable can actually be your largest source of liability. Whether it is from wrongful termination, to wage and hour violations, or other labor code violations, operating a business in California with employees is fraught with potential roadblocks and sources of liability that most business owners do not realize. Which is why you need a lawyer with California employment law expertise.

Couple this with the fact that employment law litigation is not only costly, time-consuming, and harmful to the business’s ability to continue on, but also harmful to the morale of both the owner(s) and the other employees, it is shocking how many business owners do not get advice on how to protect their business (and their overall livelihood) from this potential liability. Thankfully, at Odom Law Group, we ascribe to a holistic view of our business practice with our corporate and business clients and take proactive measures to protect our business owners from everything… including their employees. We have extensive experience in drafting employment handbooks, severance agreements, employment agreements and employment offer letters, policies and procedures to comply with other legal requirements, timecard audits, human resource matters and other wage and hour advising so you are ahead of the law…not violating it.

Our California Employment Law Attorney Expertise

Our counseling and advising services include, but are not limited to:

  • Training: Providing training sessions and seminars to our clients businesses and other organizations regarding employee relations, including but not limited to, sexual harassment/hostile work environment, discrimination, retaliation and disciplinary training.
  • Employment-related contracts: We provide advice to our clients on drafting and negotiating proper employment contracts, independent contractor agreements, severance agreements, and employee offer letters.
  • Human Resource Matters/Related Legal issues: We provide extensive counsel and representation to our business clients regarding wage and hour claims, harassment, discrimination, EEOC matters, as well as advising on state medical or disability leaves and Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) disputes. We can conduct a liability audit with a small sample size of your employees to ensure that all employees are appropriately classified as exempt; are timely taking meal and rest periods; paid appropriate wages for overtime; split shift differentials; and provided accurate itemized wage statements. Our firm has found that the best way to prevent legal issues are to explain and manage their cause.
  • Handbook/OSHA Compliance: We draft employment handbooks and review and draft policies and procedures for our Clients to make sure their operations and their employment practices are in line with the complex universe that is California employment law.
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Our Employment Law Attorney Services

While our goals may be simple, our practice is anything but. We align the depth of our legal expertise with your unique goals to ensure sophisticated, strategic planning and tactical decisions that drive real action – and address every facet of what you need to do.

We leverage the rich experience and distinctive talent of every member of our team to build custom solutions, craft elegant strategies, and position our clients for lasting success. We tackle your legal needs with the intensity of industry leaders and the passion of genuine partnership.

We ignite real change. We charge ahead, into fearless futures. And we have fun doing it.

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