Retail Store Representation

Odom Law Group helps retailers solve and address the commonly faced problems and challenges they encounter. As general outside counsel for a national retail chain, the team at Odom Law Group assists with, and counsels on, a wide range of labor and employment matters, such as benefits, compliance, policies and procedures, workplace safety, personnel management, zoning, permitting, and licensing, leasing real estate, opening and closing new retail locations, securing, restructuring, or negotiating financing, and hiring and retaining employees and executives.


We also have extensive experience in employment counseling, human resources, and a variety of compliance matters. We work to review the retailer’s established policies and procedures to ensure compliance with federal, state, local, and regulatory laws. 


Our experience allows Odom Law Group to pinpoint current problems that impact retailers and assist in forming the best response based on the needs of each retailer. Odom Law Group evaluates, identifies, and advises in mitigating the risk of potential litigation, all while protecting and strengthening the retail client’s brand. 


Our team is focused on understanding the individual and specific needs of retailers while providing innovative solutions for businesses in all retail sectors. 


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