Real Estate Transactions

At Odom Law Group, we are committed to negotiating and papering real estate transactions in a way that will best avoid future litigation among the parties, with terms designed to be most favorable to our clients. We have represented numerous parties in a wide variety of real estate matters, from individuals to financial institutions, and from residential real estate matters to complex condominium complexes. We advise our clients on a wide range of real estate matters including, but not limited to, drafting, reviewing, and negotiating:

•    Purchase and sale agreements;

•    Commercial leases and subleases;

•    Title insurance;

•    Agreements regarding easements and other encroachments;

•    Joint venture agreements;

•    Due diligence matters;

•    Real estate development and construction matters;

•    Deeds of trust; and 

•    Land use, zoning, and entitlements.


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