We understand how devastating it can be to lose a loved one. Many believe that probate only occurs when a person dies without a will. This is partially true, but it can also occur when a person dies with a will or multiple wills that do not include their entire estate. The probate process ensures that the will is legitimate and properly executed. It also ensures that the personal representative chosen by the decedent is administering the estate in compliance with the terms of the will.


Our team has a wealth of knowledge of the probate process to ease the burden and help make this time easier and less daunting for you and your family and can provide assistance in various aspects of probate, for both the executor and the beneficiaries including, but not limited to: 

•    Analyzing and identifying potential issues;

•    Identifying estate assets;

•    Identifying beneficiaries;

•    Coordinating appraisals of property;

•    Evaluating estate tax implications; 

•    Evaluating and collecting proceeds from insurance policies, if any;

•    Filling out and filing necessary probate forms;

•    Providing counsel and advice to the executor;

•    Assisting with sales of real property; and

•    Negotiating disputes between beneficiaries, or between the executor and beneficiaries. 


Knowing that you have an entire team to rely on during the probate process can make a huge difference. Odom Law Group is here to provide the support and guidance necessary to help you and your family navigate what happens after the loss of a loved one. We care about seeing your family through this process as smoothly as possible. 


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