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Collaboration is the foundation of our practice at Odom Law Group, APLC. Get the genuine insight you need from our team and step into your future with all confidence – no worries.

While our goals may be simple, our practice is anything but. We align the depth of our legal expertise with your unique goals to ensure sophisticated, strategic planning and tactical decisions that drive real action – and address every facet of what you need to do.

We leverage the rich experience and distinctive talent of every member of our team to build custom solutions, craft elegant strategies, and position our clients for lasting success. We tackle your legal needs with the intensity of industry leaders and the passion of genuine partnership.

We ignite real change. We charge ahead, into fearless futures. And we have fun doing it.

“It is one thing to be an attorney – to know and understand the law, write contracts, motions and/or briefs – but to be an advisor, someone who not only understands the law and how to write the legal documents, but who can problem solve, come up with a solution by looking at not just one facet of the client’s life, but how the issue involves all of their interests, that is true advising and relationship building.  And it is squarely what we do best.”

M. Lisa Odom, ESQ. — Shareholder

Law talks here – because we listen.

Law is a tool. At Odom Law Group, APLC, we empower our clients with the expertise, creativity, and insight that bring goals to life. We protect what’s most important to them.

We believe in a legal practice that supports our client’s goals.

Experience a legal practice at Odom Law Group, APLC, that begins with listening and grows into real relationships. Align your challenges with our elite expertise, and get ready to see the results.

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